This a representation of the human Horizontal Civilization. The way we spread as a dominant species of this planet is a horizontal way. We are a introducing, since the the event of industrial revolution followed by the agricultural industrialization, a profound territorial alteration and a layer of mater destabilizing the natural balance of our world.
This a representation of the idea of a Vertical Civilization. In this imagined world the technosphere is reduced to a minimal size and a maximal efficiency. In a Vertical Civilization the humans are not anymore at the top of the food chain spreading like a cancer towards an ecological collapse, but they are out of the food chain. In this way, a radical restitution of territory would facilitate a much needed biosphere regeneration. 
This space was conceived with the goal to offer a strong existential experience. Slowly stepping into the ground, the visitor will find himself in a narrow and overwhelming place. This is a metaphor of life lived with the burden of  self-awareness, lived with the with the anticipation of fate we all share. By experiencing this space, one is in the position of formulating this universal anxiety. Live him or her, everyone is facing its condition. This thought alone should make us kinder with each other. If one is able to formulate it, represent it, grasp it in any way, the knowledge of death it becomes less heavy, it becomes less present in its life.
This space is a retreat. It creates a sensorial austerity helping the visitor to focus on processes of introspection and contemplation, of profound loneliness acknowledgement.