We are  proposing an architecture that will facilitate introspection and contemplation rather than distraction and representation.
We design homes that provides clean water, clean air, clean food, clean energy and inspiring spaces. Imagine you can easily grow your own food and live in your bright and worm garden regardless your geographic location. Your organic waste will be transformed in biogas and fertilizer for your garden. Your photo-voltaic glass facade or the building's geothermal power plant will produce clean electric power.  
Simplicity opens a space to the experience of perception; it is self-disclosing. Symmetry, the unadorned honesty of raw material, the banishing of tricks; in this way, we become aware of those things that are usually overlooked: the quiet  perambulation  of  sunlight on a  bare  wall,  a constant  reminder, like  the anonymous skull on a medieval scholar's  desk, of the fate that awaits us all.
Modular prefabricated solar farms can facilitate sustainable communities. The construction materials are the subject of customization so they respond to various aesthetic tastes. These buildings are collecting, circulating, purifying and recycling rain water. The green-house concept is used for ensuring a constant temperature during the entire year with little energy consumption. The glass is photo-voltaic so there will be no need for grid energy expenditures. All the food necessary for a family and, as a source of income, a surplus of food will be produce by the aquaponic system. All the organic waste will be transformed in biogas for heating the space and fertilizer for the indoor farm.