S Y M B I O T I C A  is a studio attempting to materialize the concept of symbiotic architecture. The main goal of our design and technology research is to conceive and propose a new radical species of buildings responding to the global environmental challenges while facilitating foreword-looking individuals committed to live longer, healthier, meaningful lives. Our buildings are dynamic habitats maintaining a symbiotic relationship with their inhabitants by providing the fundamental resources necessary for human existence: clean air, clean water, clean energy, clean food and inspiring living/working space. The users will provide minor maintenance and systems supervision while freely choosing their work type, process and schedule. 
symbiotic buildings are resource-producing habitats - system diagram
While other architects are active predominantly in the cultural dimension of the human existence, we find that cultural narratives are unable to acknowledge and mitigate the major disruptions caused by the human transformations of the natural environment. At the moment, we are replacing a flourishing biosphere with a layer of non-recycling matter (the technosphere) that is disrupting the flux of recycling matter between atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere. We begin to realize that the consequence of our frenetic production-consumption process is punting in danger the future of our world. As a response to this major challenge, our practice is proposing a restitution and regeneration  of abused territory by building, instead of typical apartment buildings and croplands, symbiotic buildings. The buildings that we propose will produce in an efficient and sustainable way an equivalent of resources produced traditionally by abusing significant land areas and polluting the atmosphere.  
Since the Industrial Revolution we hoped that the automation processes will give us more time. Instead, we created new types of jobs/bureaucracies to keep us busy for 8-12 hours every day. Systematically  we get enrolled, beginning with primary education, in alienating industries where the sense of creativity, meaning and decisive participation is eradicated. To keep this production/consumption frenzy, the marketing  games are pushing on us houses that require spendings that will further keep us busy and under debt pressure. S Y M B I O T I C A is proposing buildings that are producing resources and even pay for themselves in a short time. By producing healthy food for consume and commercial distribution, by collecting and recycling its own water, by heating and cooling the space using its own systems of energy production and storage, the gift that symbiotic buildings is offering for their inhabitants is time and a superior quality of life. At the same time, the spaces that we conceive will allays be highly flexible and can facilitate almost any type of living/working activities.